Posted on December 22, 2023

How to reorder/sort payment methods in Shopify checkout

Published by Felix Bardot

Shopify change payment methods positions

Before 2023, both the Basic and Advanced Shopify plans lacked the capability to customize the payment methods labels, only Shopify Plus merchants could achieve this, but now there are alternative methods to do it.
If you want to give more relevance to your preferred payment methods, or the ones that you see your customers use the most, here we tell you how to do it.

Do i need to be a Shopify Plus merchant to reorder the checkout payment methods?

Not anymore! Before 2023 you could only edit the payment methods by being a Shopify Plus merchant, but now you can achieve with the Kip: Sort Hide Payment Methods app. With this app you can hide, rename and reorder the payment methods shown in your checkout, and set conditions on them if you need it.

Using the Kip: Sort Hide Payment Methods app to change the payment method's order

The Kip: Sort Hide Payment Methods app is made specifically to solve this problem, with it you can configure a new sequence for the payment methods shown in your checkout. Follow the step by step to achieve this:

Install the app

You can find the app in the Shopify App Store. Click on "Add app" to install.

Create a reorder rule

Upon entering the app, you'll encounter three options: hide, rename, and reorder rules. Click on "Create reorder rule" to initiate the customization process.

Select the create reorder rule option

Configure the payment methods to reorder

In the rule form, enter the payment methods that you need to move, then you can drag and drop them to the desired position. In this example we rearranged them for PayPal to be on top of Money Order and Bank Deposit:

Enter the payment methods and drag them to their new desired position

(Optional) Configure the conditions

Add specific conditions for the new payment method positions if needed. Alternatively, choose the "Always applies" option for a universal application of the rule:

Select the always applies condition

Save and test the rule

Once configurations are set, click "Save." Test the rule by navigating to your store's checkout and confirming that the payment methods now appear in their newly configured positions.


In summary, Kip: Sort Hide Payment Methods is the ideal solution for Shopify merchants seeking to effortlessly reorder payment methods during checkout. With a user-friendly interface, easy setup, and additional features like hiding and renaming payment methods, the app provides a seamless way to optimize the online shopping experience.

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