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Kip: Sort & Hide Payment Methods

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Kip is the best Shopify app to customize the Shopify Checkout payment methods: hide, rename and sort the payment methods based on conditions that you set. No need to be a Shopify Plus merchant.

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sort and hide payment methods illustration
Hide payment method

Rename, reorder and hide payment methods

Create unlimited rules to customize your payment methods in your checkout for your specific needs.

Select from multiple conditions

Apply your customizations conditionally

Select from conditions like customer, selected shipping method, cart total, cart weight, items SKUs, customer tags, customer is a company, and more.

No shopify plus required

No Shopify Plus required

Previously, you could only customize the Shopify checkout if you were a Shopify Plus merchant, but now you can achieve this with any plan, by using Kip.

Multiple use cases
reorder / rename / hide payment methods

Multiple use cases to customize your Checkout to your needs

There are different use cases to use the Kip customizations with the conditions that you can set. For example:

Hide Cash on Delivery (COD) on unsupported countries
Give priority to your preferred payment method, by making it the first in the list and selected by default
Change the payment method name displayed in checkout to translate it to foreign languages in specific countries
Set specific payment methods available for the products that you pick based on the SKUs
Make specific payment methods available when your customer is a company (B2B)
kip: sort & hide payment methods


Kip Plan

$3 / Month

Unlimited rules to hide/rename/sort payment methods
Select from the many conditions available for customizations
Email and chat customer support