Posted on December 17, 2023

How to hide payment methods by country in Shopify Checkout

Published by Felix Bardot

Shopify payment methods by country

As Shopify merchants, selling to multiple countries is a common practice, especially when aiming to expand our stores globally. However, both the Basic and Advanced Shopify plans lack the capability to configure the visibility of specific payment methods based on the customer's country. Previously, only Shopify Plus merchants could customize payment methods, but now there are alternative methods to achieve this.

Do i need to be a Shopify Plus merchant to edit the payment methods by country?

Not anymore! Before 2023 you could only edit the payment methods by being a Shopify Plus merchant, but now you can achieve with the Kip: Customize Payment Methods app. With this app you can hide, rename and reorder the payment methods shown in your checkout, and set conditions on them if you need it.

Using the Kip: Customize Payment Methods app to hide payment methods by country

The Kip: Customize Payment Methods app is made specifically to solve this problem, with it you can configure certain payment methods for specific countries, or even specific cities, provinces or zip codes.

Install the app

You can find the app in the Shopify App Store. Click on "Add app" to install.

Create a hide rule

After entering the app, you will be prompted with 3 options: hide, rename and reorder rules. Click on the "Create hide rule" button:

select hide payment method rule

Configure the payment methods to hide

In the rule form, enter the payment methods that you need to hide in certain country/countries, for example here we selected Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit and Money Order:

select the payment methods to hide on countries

Configure the countries

In the condition section, click the "Add new condition" button, and select the "Country" condition:

Select the country condition

Then enter and select the countries that you need (you can also use the "does not contain" condition to exclude countries):

Enter the countries in which you want to hide the methods

Save and test the rule

After everything is configured, click the "Save" button. To test the rule you can enter your store's checkout and enter a shipping address which belongs to the country/countries that you configured.


In summary, Kip: Customize Payment Methods offers a streamlined solution for configuring diverse payment methods based on country, simplifying the process for merchants. With its user-friendly interface, even those with limited technical knowledge can easily adapt payment options to meet global customer needs. Beyond country-specific configurations, the app provides additional functionalities such as renaming and reordering payment methods. Choose "Kip" for a customized experience for customers worldwide.

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